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Monday, April 18, 2005

Photos from Yesterday

We interrupt this manifesto: to bring you the photos I took yesterday. They are all stored in Yahoo Photos - a service which can sometimes be a little temperamental. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Nobody likes a quitter.

Here is one
view from our bedroom window. It may look peaceful out there, but you wouldn't believe the racket passing horses and riders make. It’s like the Pony Club M25, some days.

view from our bedroom window. I think I've only been down that road a couple of times in the entire six months we've lived in this cottage. I really need to get out more.

view from Monkey's study - 'Monkey' being my secret code name for my husband. He's not a real monkey, and he doesn't look at all simian. It's just a nickname. Stop analysing everything.

That garden looks pretty wild, doesn't it? It's like The Day of The Triffids out there. Monkey attacked the front garden with a strimmer and an electric mower, but it didn’t really improve things – he cut grass and trimmed our front hedge, but he didn’t pick up the trimmings. In fact, it looked like a hurricane had hit our garden. Hurricane Monkey.

Here is the
view from my study, which is conveniently located next-door to Monkey's study. This photo shows our untamed lawn. We hadn't spent any time there over the winter, so last week we paid it a visit and were dismayed to realise it's enormous. We could be weeding and mowing every weekend and it would still look like the Scottish highlands (but without the hills). Mind you, if we decide to throw a garden party for 50 people we've got plenty of room for the marquee.

This cottage is fabulous. We've very happy here. It has one big bedroom and two small spare rooms, and we love having our own study each. Monkey particularly loves the fact that he doesn't have to share a study with me. My study is packed full of stuff, but his study is very minimalist. One of these days I'll do a photo-tour of the whole place, so you can see. I'll have to vacuum first, or you'll think I'm a slattern.

Just to prove we really are in the countryside, a nice
view across our neighbours' garden and over the fields. Our neighbour is a real country man and no doubt thinks we're posh city wankers. He does something to do with hunting - beating pheasants out of the undergrowth, I think. He has a black lab that barks excitedly at me if I go outside. I’m perfecting a very angry voice that seems to work well on it – one shout from me and the barking stops.

Our neighbour is very overweight, and is missing a couple of high-profile front teeth. He’s no Rupert Campbell-Black, that’s for sure. Last weekend we heard a squeaking and banging noise late at night, and concluded he was doing the sex with his Significant Other. It prompted a night of strange, unsettled dreams.


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