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Sunday, April 17, 2005

No. 002: Weather

When I rule the world: I'll have a word with [insert deity name of choice] regarding the weather.

I don't think weather was adequately planned. Too often we all hope for sunshine and instead get rain, ruining wedding photos and waterlogging my mother-in-law's clay garden. England suffers through soggy winters, followed by hosepipe bans all summer. And places like Perth slowly run out of water altogether. Crops fail, cattle go hungry. It's madness.

Nobody really wants to be out and about when the rain comes. But we all want a little bit of rain every day, to keep our water supplies flowing and ensure our fields look green. So my plan is this: reorganise the weather so it rains every night, from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. - after all, most of us are tucked up in bed during these hours, so we wouldn't be inconvenienced. A couple of hours of steady rain every night would ensure the rivers continue to flow, but without washing away all the houses built on flood plains. It makes perfect sense.

The weather was beautiful in Hertfordshire today. We drove to the gym with the top down (and the heaters roaring). I even took photos to prove that the sun sometimes shines in England.


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